Art & Music by Anne Solveig and Peter Elmberg

Art and music - at the heart of Mundekulla
The founders och Mundekulla Anne Solveig and Peter Elmberg have written a lot of songs and music. Music is always an important part of the courses, retreats and festivals they arrange. Many people know Mundekulla because of the beautiful music and circle dances, (Mundekulla Heart Dances). Mindfulness songs that have spread to other centers and communities in different parts of the world. Meeting heart to heart and in mindfulness through the songs and the dances is a way of really connect to each other which creates a close and heartfelt feeling between people. 

The CD, "A feeling of joy"
is an album which contains many of their popular songs and dances and especially, the song "A feeling of Joy" is very much loved

Peter Elmberg
"Just go on sharing your music and little by little it will spread... Music is a very good way to promote peace"
(Dalai Lamas word to Peter when they met in Dharamsala 2002 through a scolarship that was given to Peter)
I've always been interested in writing music and my first cd was released in 1992 in rembembrance of my brother who passed away 1991.These days more than 700 songs have come through me. Many of them with a peaceful uplifting message supporting the human spirit and potential. I have yet recorded more than 10 cds of my own and my latest project is an album with songs for peace (Peace concert) from 12 different religions, which we also have been performing in churches and other places. I am also on my way to create a Cd with mindfuness songs, inspired by my visit at Thich Nhat Hanhs place, Plum village. Since 1999 I arrange a Music festival on a yearly basis with artists who write their own music at Mundekulla Retreatcenter. I've recorded Cds supporting projects for children and youth such as "Now is the time", "Songs for Tibet", "Spiritual revolution" and more. Now is the time" was written as Swedens' answer to "We are the world" and it is sung by eight Swedish artists. It has been performed on different occasions, for example, when nobelprize winner 2004, Wangari Mathaii visited Sweden in May 2005 and at Dalai Lamas visit in Sweden 2011. The last year I also been very much engaged in producing a musical "Hemstannarna" (Home of the brave) - a deeply touching story which I have co-written (music and Lyrics) with Anne Solveig. Its about people in the 19th century who chose to stay in Sweden when many others emmigrated to America. 

Anne Solveig
Anne Solveig is and inspiring artist, writer and mucisian. She has made many of the most loved and appreciated songs in Mundekulla, "A feeling of joy" " I am beautiful" "Dear sister". "Woman come out" and many more. Her Cd "Shine " is very appreciated especially by women since its purpose is to strengthen and uplift women. Her songs are also sung by choirs arranged by Anders Nyberg. Anne has written the book  "Kvinnocirkeln " (in swedish)  "Women circles" which have inspired many women to start their own women circles. She is an artist, painting her vision of a peaceful world, Mother earth and the feminine. Her art can be seen i Mundekulla and she has had many exhibitions on different galleries and inspiring places. All her art, music and writings are very much focused on finding inner peace, living from our truth self and creating a more peaceful world. Anne also wrote the original story and many of the songs in the Musical "Hemstannarna" The musical is about people in the 19th century who choosed to stay in  Sweden when many others emmigrated to America. It has touched many people deeply.

Mundekullas shop
You can find all of the Cd:s with their musci in Mundekullas shop at the center, as well as Annes postcard, artprint and other art products. You can also order some of their products on their websites.