- Calendar 2021-

Some courses below are held in Swedish and some in English which is mentioned after each course. The English events also have links where more information is shared.

Let us know if you want to offer your course, retreat or festival at Mundekulla info@mundekulla.se Read more about Mundekulla here !

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April 1-4, Co-Create Mundekulla 2,0
Community weekend

April 23-25, Kay Pollak (Swedish)
Change your thoughts, change your life

April 29 - May 2, Mindfulness Retreat (Swedish)
Jerker "Chan Phap Ho" Fredriksson 

May 8-15, Zen Coaching (English)
Kåre Landfald

May 21-28, Certified Forest bathing Guide Training (Swedish)
Petra Ellora Cau Wetterholm

June 2-6, Vipassana retreat with Yin yoga (Swedish)
(More info in February)

July 8-11, Liberating Dance (Swedish)
Anne Grundel, Frida Grundel

July 13 (15) -18, Song & walk 
Anders Nyberg, Peter Elmberg, Åse Christensson

July 13-18, Circle Way Camp (Swedish)
Kalle och Camilla Grill 

July 21-25, Love, Relations, Miracles (Swedish)
Anne Solveig, Tomas Frankell, Gunilla Wigertz 

Aug 6-10 & 11-15, Mundekulla Gathering  - 23rd year  (Swedish and English)
Music, dance, workshops, lectures for all ages (more info within short)

Aug 17-22 Summercamp for the work  (English)
Scandinavian association for The Work of Byron Katie

Sep 2-7, Mindfulness Retreat (Swedish)
Camilla Sköld, Katarina Lundblad