Welcome to attend courses and events in Mundekulla!
We offer courses, retreats, festival and business conferences on a yearly basis. During the summers we invite people to bigger events 300 people such as concerts, creativity and summercamps and an annual drugfree Musicfestival in the beginning of august. Our summer season last from june until august and we also rent out retreatcottages on a weekly basis. During the rest of the year we offer events from 25-150 participants and sometimes two groups at the same time.

Attend an event in Mundekulla !
Check our calender to see what courses, retreats and festivals that are taking place. Most of them are held  in English and some in Swedish, which is being mentioned in the calendar >>

Arrange your event at Mundekulla !
Mundekulla is a perfect location for coruses and retreats. Welcome to contact us if you're a courseleader wanting to offer a course in Mundekulla, contact  gunnel@mundekulla.se 
The Retreatcenter has 125 indoor sleeping spaces