Mundekulla Choir Festival, July 8(9)-12, 2020

"...A feeling of Mundekulla." 

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The Choir Festival continues...
Songs, music and choir singing have always played a big part of the activities at Mundekulla Retreat center since the start in 1998. Our highly appreciated "Singing and walking weeks", consisting of singing and walking/hiking with conserts along the way, was a success and reached its peak in 2012, when we, during five months, walked from Trondheim to Copenhagen, with the joyful message of Singing. The event was called The Path, see more here.
The Mundekulla Choir Festival springs from these singing walks with some of the choir conductors and participants that have been an important part of Mundekulla throughout the years.

A feeling of Mundekulla
We offer choir workshops with famous as well as newly written songs in a fantastic environment, in a cultural countryside district in Småland in the south of Sweden. We draw inspiration from both South and Western Africa, as well as our Swedish Folk song tradition. Every day starts with Mundekulla Dances (Circle dances) that create connection and togetherness. The festival also consists of Mindfulness, Liberating dance, pilgrimage walking, sauna, swimming, co-created conserts (not for an external audience) and enriching encounters with participants from all over the country. Welcome to attend on your own, with family, friends and/or choir members. (You get a discount when booking 4 or more tickets at the same time.)

Our natural voice?
What is the first thing that happens when a child is born?
It uses its voice and screams out loud without considering if it was beautiful, loud, soft, inappropriate or distorted. The newborn baby teaches us that our voice is the most natural thing we carry with us from the start of life, and at the same time many of us are fearful of fully using this tool...
Welcome to an inspiring festival focusing on singing, for all ages and regardless of background or previous training.

This year's program
You can participate in the Full Festival, July 8-12 or the Small Festival, July 9-12.

- Full Festival, July 8-12
During the first day (July 8-9) we will learn the Choir arrangements for the "Mundekulla Peace concert" under the guidance of Gunnel Mauritzson. The concert consists of 12 Peace Prayer songs created by Mundekulla's founder Peter Elmberg (in cooperation with Jan Eric Ström and Lars Magnus Österberg). There will also be time for rest and reflection and this phase will end with a small concert for those participating in the Small Festival.

- Small Festival, July 9-12
The Small Festival starts with the above mentioned "Peace Concert" at 5-6 pm on Thursday July 9, and in the evening the Choir Festival continues with all the participants for the weekend and the Festival ends on Sunday July 12 at 4 pm.


Anders Nyberg
Anders Nyberg is a co-procucer of the famous Swedish Movie "As it is in heaven". Eight years after its premiere it was still the most viewed film in Sweden ever. The main character of the movie is a choir leader that moves back to his hometown making big succuess both on an inner and outer level. This story is very much like Anders who after years in South Africa moved home to a small village of Dalarna (eastern Sweden). Anders' songs and music have touched thousands of people and choirs in Sweden and around the world. We are very happy that he recently made choral arrangements to some of the Mundekulla songs which will be offered as workshops during the Festival.
Together with Peter Elmberg (Mundekulla) he did a pilgrimage with song and concerts during 5 months from Trondheim (Norway) to Copenhagen in 2012. Now they have continued through Denmark and are now walking in Germany performing and walking.. for peace. Read more about Anders here.

Gunnel Mauritzson
Gunnel Mauritzson (originally from the island Gotland) is one of Sweden's foremost Folk singers and has during thirty years been an active musician and teacher, and has been teaching for twenty years at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Welcome to get aquainted with parts of our folk song heritage with both traditional folk tale songs and dance friendly melodies. Gunnel has made highly appreciated interpretations of Lars Gullin's music with her own band including highly personal music and moods that shift from quiet melancholy to roaring happiness. (Lars Gullin was one of Sweden's greatest Jazz musicians and during the later part of his life he lived in Emmaboda, close to Mundekulla.) The repertoire is both personal, traditional and lyrical. She is also the producer of the Folk and Jazz Festival that takes place in June here at Mundekulla, and participates in Mundekulla's musical "Hemstannarna". Read more about Gunnel here.

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Edo Bumba
Edo Bumba is a Congolese musician who came to Sweden in the eighties and attended further studies at the Music University of Gothenburg. He has a broad cultural repertoir and works as a musician, choir leader, drummer, dancer, composer and producer. Edo wrote the music for a movie about Dr Dennis Mukwege - the Nobel Peace Price laureate of 2018. In 1997 he received the Royal Music Academy Educator award.
He builds intercultural bridges between his African music heritage and the Swedish music scene and creates a sound that allows us to experience West and South African rhytms. Edo invites us to an exciting rhytmical journey to the south and western parts of Africa. He does regular tours within Scandinavia, often together with the groups Edo Bumba Band, Amani,  Sauti Sol, Afrotronics and Star for life.


Peter Elmberg
Peter has been involved with music since the mid eighties, he has performed at a large number of concerts and is the founder of Mundekulla Retreat Center. After studying Native American history in the United States in 1996, Peter spent a year in solitude in a tiny ten-square-meter cabin in Mundekulla. Since then, Mundekulla has gradually grown into the retreat centre it is today. Peter has written more than 700 songs and recorded over 20 albums. In 2007, his song ‘Now is the time’ was described as ‘the best song ever’ in one the Sweden’s biggest magazines. In the spring of 2008, he recorded the album Songs for Tibet with some of Sweden’s most prominent musicians to promote the peaceful way of the Tibetans, and he performed 'A Song for Tibet' when Dalai Lama visited Stockholm in 2011. During the Festival he will, among other things, be sharing his Mindfulness songs and his 12 peace prayers from different spiritual traditions, and also lead the morning gatherings with Circle dances. Read more about Peter here.

Anne Solveig

Ann Sjöling  Liberating dance
Ann is a Liberating Dance teacher trained by Anne Grundel (Frigörande dans-akademin) and will lead dance sessions during the festival. From the soft to the wild – dance how you feel to to energizing music! Welcome to dance your way to your singing.
Ann is a higly valued part of the Mundekulla team and she will also be the one welcoming you at the reception and make sure that you have a good time during the festival. A few years ago she made a big shift in her life as she left her familiar life in Stockholm for a new life in the countryside, where she now lives in the small village of Bredalycke, the village next to Mundekulla. And today we can clearly state that "without Ann Sjöling, there would be no Mundekulla".

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Anna RasmussenHatha Yoga
Anna will lead Hatha yoga some mornings during the Festival.
Anna is educated in Viryayoga, Children's yoga and yinyoga.
She holds a love for all the different parts of yoga, the physical positions, the breath, the meditation, the resting and the life philosophy as a whole, which she believes gives support for a richer everyday life. Anna lives in Ronneby and facilitates, on a regular basis, classes in yoga and meditation and arranges larger events with yoga teachers that inspire her. She also works within the Swedish church with people that are facing various challenges, where her knowledge about the different pars of yoga is of great help and influences her work.

Start and end times
Full Festival: July 8 at 6 pm – July 12 at 4 pm.
Small Festival: July 9 at 5 pm – July 12 at 4 pm.
(Check-in opens Wed and Thurs at 4 pm. Dinner is served at 6 pm)

Space for tent, workshops and all meals are included. No single-day tickets. (bring your own tent).

Full Festival, July 8-12 (4 days)

• Adult, above 26 yrs - 3600 SEK, • Youth, under 25 yrs - 3000 SEK   
Small Festival, July 9-12 (3 days)
• Adult, above 26 yrs - 2700 SEK, • Youth, under 25 yrs -  2100 SEK 

Rooms can be booked in the online booking.

Early Bird prices
Full Festival, July 8-12
Until Dec 31   - Adult: 3600:-    Youth: 3000:- 
Until Feb 28   - Adult: 3800:-    Youth: 3200:- 
Until April 30  - Adult: 4000:-    Youth: 3400:-    
Until June 30 - Adult: 4200:-     Youth: 3600:-
Small Festival, July 9-12
Until Dec 31   - Adult: 2700:-    Youth: 2100:- 
Until Feb 28   - Adult: 2900:-    Youth: 2300:- 
Until April 30  - Adult: 3100:-    Youth: 2500:-    
Until June 30  -Adult: 3300:-     Youth: 2700:- 

500 SEK discount when booking 4 or more people at the same time.

We serve organic and vegetarian food, which is included in the price.
3 meals each day. You can buy a snack in the café.
We help out doing the dishes after the meals (2-3 persons/meal).

Space for your own tent is included in the ticket. Dormitory spaces, caravan spaces, and a limited number of rooms can be booked in the booking form.
• Space for your own tent is included in the ticket. (Bring your own tent)
• Caravan: 600 SEK/caravan, including electricity
• Dormitory space: 1200 SEK/person (incl mattress, pillow, duvet)
• Single, double, triple and 4 bed rooms and cottages can be rented. See the booking form for fees.
Please note that the booking form is currently only in Swedish. For assistance with your booking, please contact us.

Daily Program
07.30-08.30   Morning gathering with mindfulness songs, meditation or Yoga
08.00             Breakfast
09.30-10.30   Morning gathering

11.00-12.30   Choir workshop
12.30             Lunch
14.00-15.30   Choir workshop
15.30             Snack time
16.30-18.00   Choir workshop
18.00             Dinner
19.30-21.30   Evening gathering/Singing

Festival rules
- The festival is alcohol and drug free.
- We love animals but unfortunately you can not bring your pets.

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Please note that the booking form is currently only in Swedish. For assistance with your booking, please contact us.

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Full Festival:
July 8 at 6 pm – July 12 at 4 pm

Small Festival:
July 9 at 5 pm – July 12 at 4 pm

Check-in opens Wed and Thurs at 4 pm. Dinner is served at 6 pm.

Full Festival, July 8-12 (4 days)
• Adult, above 26 yrs - 3600 SEK, 
• Youth, under 25 yrs - 3000 SEK   
Small Festival, July 9-12 (3 days)
• Adult, above 26 yrs - 2700 SEK, 
• Youth, under 25 yrs -  2100 SEK  

For Early Bird Prices, see above under Price.

Space for your own tent is included in the ticket.

Dormitory spaces, caravan spaces, and a limited number of rooms can be booked in the booking form.


Please note that the booking form is currently only in Swedish. For assistance with your booking, please contact us.
+46 (0)471-50450