"Every company can do something to be more concius about the environment, but it's inspiring that Mundekulla is an overall environmentalfriendly center in every aspect.
"Better life price", Stockholm 6th of nov 2009

Eco Conference
We offer an unique conference center with eco and environmental profile where the beautiful nature and the genuine building tradition offers calmness and inspiration. We are happy to help out creating an exrtaordinary conference. The name "Eco Conference" means that your whole visit in Mundekulla is environmental friendly.

Buildings and ladscape
The main building is a carefully restored house from the 1820s. The facilities include four beautiful meeting halls, the largest one is 200 square meters, a unique wood-heated sauna, an Eco Spa, shop and 20 rooms with more than 30 beds, spread over four different buildings, which can be rented separately. The property consists of beautiful meadows in a varied and beautiful cultured landscape, with open fields, natural ponds and foot paths surrounded by old cultured forests.

At least 80% of all food served in Mundekulla is organic. We offer climate smart, nourishing, locally grown, healthy vegetarian food. There is also the option of bringing your own chef for your event, renting the kitchen, which can serve up to around 70 people seated in the restaurant.

We have designed nice, charming and eco-friendly rooms with soft beds. Some rooms have private shower and bathroom, some share communal showers and bathrooms. For larger groups we can also offer a budget alternative in beautiful dormitory on mattresses as a supplement to the rooms. Some of our rooms are named after the eco-friendly insulation material used such as wool, linen, hemp etc. Our beautiful Eco-SPA (insulated with recycled newspapers) can be rented separately where we offer baths, sauna, relaxingroom. Another option is our woodheated sauna (see below)

 Meeting halls and rooms
We offer different meeting halls depending on your needs and your type of activity (from 30 m²-200 m²). ‘Creative Room’ (Kreativum) is our largest hall, with windows facing east and west. We also have smaller rooms such as ‘Sunhall’ for groups up to 25 people as well as ‘Natureroom’ for groups up to 14 people.

Contact us
Contact us for more info at info@mundekulla.se